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Decorating a new home is always exciting. There are literally endless directions you can take with your new blank canvas. To help with the overwhelm I'm here to give you 5 tips to make sure that your home will always be in style, no matter what route you go down.


When we decorate our home sometimes we tend to lean a bit to hard into one style (guilty). Instead, allow your home to continuously evolve as your life does. Your home should be a reflection of you and not necessarily the latest design trend. Allow for some fluidity in your home's style and then, when you do find new inspiration, it will be easy to incorporate and won't look out of place.


Image Credit:Designing Vibes

An eclectic look done just right. Touches of different trends blend together to create this homes own unique style.



If your like me than you definitely have a bit of sticker shock when you see some home furniture prices. This is actually one of the driving factors behind why I started to build my own furniture. With that being said, if you ARE going to splurge, make sure it's on an item that anchors the room. For example, a bedroom's centerpiece should be the bed. No one walks into a bedroom and says “wow look at those night stands”. Unless you have some crazy awesome nightstands rocking out in there than good for you, but you get the point. Spend the money where it will reap the most reward for the room as a whole.


Image Credit: Singular Market Store

The table is the center of attention in this dinning room. Other design elements that have been added work to highlight the table and not detract from it.


Image Credit: Ave Styles

The bed steals the show in this bedroom. The accent wall works accentuate the bed and help it further stand out from the rest of the furniture.



I'm all about making your own rules when its comes to your style, but for this one I make an exception. The rule of three is found everywhere including interior design, photography, and graphic design to name a few. And it is a rule for good reason. Our brains are hardwired to be drawn to odd number collections because we find them appealing. 3 is the smallest grouping that our brains consider a pattern and it forces our eyes to move around which in turn makes it more visually stimulating. 


      Photo by VSP Interiors - Discover kitchen design inspiration
The rule of three is found in this kitchen in its light fixture. The three round pendants add interest in a bold way.
Image Credit: Tamara Mack Design
The rule of three can be seen on the the coffee table in this space. Differing heights are added to give even more intrigue to the area.


Mixing textures gives rooms interest and depth. I think we can all agree that marble and stainless steel are nice, but if those are the only two textures going on in a room it feels a bit cold and sterile. I know smooth and glossy are textures but…..come on, we can do better. To bring life back into lifeless rooms try adding multiple textures such as velvet, wood, leather, wool, etc. You really cant go wrong with mixing textures. Having a good variety invites you into a room because a) you want to touch everything and b) it just feels cozy. Now as with anything when styling your home, you do you. And by that I mean if it feels cluttered and noisy, you can take it back a notch. However If you love a busy look, go crazy and add loads of textures


Image Credit: Reno Guide

This room uses velvet and fur to help soften the harder textures of marble and metal. 


Photo by VT Women

Image Credit: VT Women

In this living space multiple textures are added together to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 



This one ties into Tip #1 and #2 a bit. Trends change faster than we can keep up with. So when picking those big furniture pieces that will anchor your room I'm going to suggest sticking with neutral colours. That blue couch is gorgeous but in a year or two are you still going to want that ocean blue velvet? Maybe! But maybe not. You can definitely still get that bold effect with a neutral couch by adding some pillows, blankets, or other small decor pieces. Don’t want the bold look and are more of a neutral gal? Then neutral upholstery will obviously work in that case as well. You really cant go wrong with neutral!

These next two photos show how a white couch can work with two very different styles.

Styled by: Anna Mårselius  Photo by: Ragnar Omarasson

In this first image the white couch is the perfect backdrop for the bold colours of the pillows and painted accent wall.


Image Credit: Ball and Claw Vintage

The white sofa in this living room helps to balance out the colours all around it and ground everything.


In these two photos a grey couch is styled in two different ways. 

Image Credit: Kate Lavie

Here the couch lends itself easily the boho vibes of the room.


Image credit: Rebecca Jude Loves
And here, the couch blends in with the rest of the decor for the perfect minimal modern style.

I hope that these 5 tips will help you in keeping your house in style for years to come!






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