DIY Geometric Wooden Pumpkin

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This Halloween I wanted to make decor that wouldn't be completely out of place with the rest of my modern decor. So I set out to make this modern geometric scrap wood pumpkin! I love the end result of this build and can't wait to see what you all do with it. Be sure to tag me on Instagram with your creations! @leahmariadesigns


1” x 4” wood 6 ft x 2

Wood glue

3/4” brad nails

Painters tape

Orange and black paint

Decoration for stem



2-3 hours






Miter saw

Brad Nailer


Step 1

Bevel your mitre saw to 30 degrees and cut 12 pieces at 9” in length (you can go bigger or smaller this is just what I decided on). Make sure the angled cuts are both angled inwards.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

Step 2

Lay the cut pieces flat side by side with the outside facing up. Tape the pieces together.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin


Step 3

Flip over all of the pieces and put wood glue in each joint space.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin


Step 4

Fold the hexagon into shape and secure with brad nails or staples.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

DIY Wooden Pumpkin


Step 5

Place one 9” piece across the bottom of the now made hexagon. Mark the edges. Cut out the piece in the middle using your mitre saw. The two remaining pieces will make a full 9” piece when placed on either side of the bottom.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

DIY Wooden Pumpkin


Step 6

Repeat step 5 for the top piece of the second hexagon.


Step 7

Finish completing the second hexagon using steps 2-4


Step 8

Add a decorative stem, paint and style!

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

DIY Wooden Pumpkin


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