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We have all seen those super cute letterboards floating around instagram. I have wanted one for awhile but didn't want to spend all the money to get one. So I decided to make my own!



3/16" wooden dowels

-picture fram ( 1/2" or 3/4" back depth )

- felt

- glue gun ( I used Ryobi's glue gun, and let me tell you its amazing. It stands upright so theres no more panicing about where to place it while your working with it.)

- scissors

-two cars ( credit card size. I forgot to add this into the video materials list)


Its actually a lot cheaper and a lot easier than you would think. The whole thing takes about an hour. The hardest part is getting the wooden dowels cut the correct size. You can use scissors to cut them or if you have a saw you can use that as well. But I am warning you now, when you cut them, they go flying. You'll see one of mine go sailing off the table when I cut it in the video.


The video explains everything you need to know so take a look below and get started on your own letterboard!


If you make one be sure to tag me @leahmariadesigns on instagram so I can come and check it out! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.  

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  • Fantastic job on both the letter board and the video. Keep up the good work.

    Kim Poliacik on

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