How to Frame a Mirror

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In this blog I am going to show you how easy it is to frame out a builders mirror, or any mirror, in your home. 
 The mirror I framed was in my master bathroom. It was just kind of big and there, it wasn't really doing anything for the room. I didn't want to take it down and replace it because I felt like it really made the bathroom seem larger but I did want to make it look better.
So here is a before of the mirror.


And here is the after.



Huge difference right?! Now full disclosure I also painted the bathroom before I installed the mirror. You can see the paint swatches on the before. So that helps to brighten up the room as well but I really feel like adding a thin frame to the mirror really helped pull that space together.
So here is how I did it.


Wood Trim - I used door trim from The Home Depot.
Industrial Adhesive - Try to use something that will dry clear, as you will be able to see a little bit of the back of the frame in the mirrors reflection.


Mitre Saw


And that is it! Easy already.
So to start you will want to measure the mirror to get the lengths for your wood trim pieces.


Cut each wood piece with a 45 degree angle at each end. You will basically just be making a big picture frame.



Sand the trim, and then stain or paint the pieces. I used Briarsmoke by Rustoleum.



Do a test fit of all the pieces to be sure it all lines up and the corners fit together.



Next you'll be attaching each piece to the mirror. You COULD attached the frame together before hand and then attach it as one big piece to the mirror, but I chose to attach them seperatly. I just personally found this easier and thought it would allow for the wood to contract and expand freely of each piece.
I started on the bottom piece and just applied the adhesive to the back and then carefully place it on the mirror. This is the adhesive that I used.


I had pre cut pieces of tape so that I could easily just tape it in place to hold it. After I had placed the bottom piece I did the two side pieces, and finally the top piece.


Make sure to watch for any adhesive that squeezes out from under the wood as you'll want to wipe that up before it dries.
I left it to dry overnight just to be sure it was super dry and fixed to the mirror before I took the tape off.
And that's it! Such an easy DIY that makes a huge impact in a room.
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  • Love this!!! Two questions… is it lined up and glued only on the mirror? Did you just remove those cheap clear construction grade plastic pieces with the screws?

    Kim on

  • Looks amazing! Well done! Do you remember how much it cost?

    Kate on

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