Canadian Pillow Shops

in , , , , , by Leah Maria February 15, 2021


It can be hard to source home d├ęcor in Canada as most of the big brands we all know and love are from the USA.  As much as I love our neighbors to the south the shipping can be terrible, not to mention the duties. So below I have rounded up some amazing pillow shops from the great white north. This list definitely doesn't cover every pillow shop in Canada though, so if you have a favourite I haven't mentioned leave them in a comment below so we can all find them! Happy shopping!

DIY Christmas Ornament

by Leah Maria November 16, 2020
christmas ornament studio mcgee

A quick and fun DIY Christmas Ornament inspired by Studio Mcgee.

The Best Hard Water Stain Remover

in , by Leah Maria October 24, 2020

Hard Water Stain Remover Bar Keepers Friend Glass Shower Cleaner

Hardwater stains have to be the worst thing. They are ugly and insanely hard to get rid of. Well I have found the BEST hardwater stain remover out there and I want to share it with all of you. Lets just take a moment to look at this before of my shower. I'm gonna pretend that I was just so busy and couldn't get around to cleaning my shower for a long time but honestly I just hadn't cleaned my shower in a long time because I'm me. Sorry not sorry.

I had this glass vase in my basement for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away because its silhouette was just too pretty. I knew one day, some how, I would find a use for it. Well, I am happy to report that day has come. Turns out all I needed was a little bit of paint, some dirt, and this vase was ready for a glow up.