DIY Headboard

in , by Leah Maria November 11, 2019
I love what a headboard can do for a bedroom. It makes the bedroom feel so much cozier than just a blank wall staring back at your when you climb into bed. I've been wanting one for awhile but didn't want to shell out the big bucks to get a king size upholstered one. So, spoiler alert,  I decided to make one! I was shocked how easy and inexpensive it was do it. This tutorial will walk you through exactly how I made mine.
If you are interested in seeing some step by step in video form, head on over to my instagram @leahmariadesigns and watch the highlight called DIY Headboard. 

-OSB/ Plywood
- 1” thick foam
- quilting batting
- Fabric (I used a curtain panel )

- Ryobi Jigsaw
- Upholstery Stapler with staples

Step 1:
Cut the OSB/Plywood into the shape you want your headboard to be. Here is a quick guide of some of the more common styles. I went with the style Alexander.
When cutting the corners for mine I didnt exactly measure I just kind of eyeballed what I thought looked good and then made sure the make it the same on the other side.
  The size of the headboard will depend on the bed size you have. Typically you want your headboard to extend past the mattress 3 inches on either side. As for the height it all depends on how high you would like it! There are some really great statement headboards out there that are really high and others that reach just above the pillows. So the choice is yours. 
Step 2
Cut the 1” foam to the shape of the headboard. I left enough at the edges to allow me to wrap the foam around to the back. This helps to make the headboard look thicker and give it softer edges.
Step 3
Spray the adehsive spray over the headboard and lay the foam on top. I even sprayed a bit directly on the foam as well.
Step 4
Lay the batting over top of the foam and flip the headboard over so that the foam\batting side is down. I didn’t cut the batting just yet as I didn’t know how much I was going to need after it was wrapped. It was really easy just to trim the edges off after it was stapled and I didn't have to worry about cutting it to short.
Also I appoligize for how blurry this photo is, its a still from a video. If you wanna watch the whole thing come together head over to my instagram ( @leahmariadesigns )and check out the highlight DIY Headboard!

Step 5
Pull the batting and foam to the back and staple them into the OSB/plywoodMake sure it is pulled nice and tight. 

Step 6
Find a fabric that you like and do the same as you did with the batting and foam. Pull it tight to the back and staple it to the OSB/plywood.

And your done! Super easy right?! I left mine plain as that is what works best for my bed but it would be really easy to add some decorative nail heads along the border.
DIY headboard king
DIY Headboard King
DIY King Headboard
DIY King Headboard

 Don't forget to pin this tutorial to your DIY boards on Pinterest so you can find it again to make your own!

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