5 Kill Proof House Plants

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Kill Proof House Plants
I think its safe to say I have a new found interest ( total understatement ) for plants. They are gorgeous, add so much colour and style to a room, and it is so rewarding watching them grow.
The most common thing I hear when I talk to people about plants is "oh I could never have them I'd just kill them" or " I kill every plant I own".
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you a list of the 5 most kill proof house plants out there.
Going on a vacation for three weeks? Totally fine. Forget to water it for the 5th time? No problem. Hasn't seen daylight in a week? Still kicking.
So let one these little beauties help turn your black thumb green and add some greenery to your home or office!

Snake Plant/ Mother in Laws Tounge ( Sansevieria )

( Photo: Celsia Floral )
 Don't let the name put you off, these are some tough plants with striking leaves. A snake plant was one of the first plants I bought and it took a solid beating from me. I forgot to water it, put it in direct sunlight (because plants like sun right?), moved it across country in my car, and just bascially forgot about it for awhile. And guess what, it grew.
They will do well in both low light as well as lots of indirect sunlight. And less is more when it comes to watering. These guys will even purify your air for you. So really, they are the perfect house plant.

Aloe Vera

 ( Photo: Pixabay )
 Say Aloe to my little friend. I had to, and I wont appoligize.
Since Aloe is a succulent is doesn't need a lot of water. And by not a lot of water I mean like once a month, especially in the winter months. Make sure it has well draining soil and plenty of indirect sunlight and it will be a happy little Aloe.

Air Plant ( Tillandsia )

( Photo: Air Plant Supply Co. )
 Ever hear of a plant that can grow without soil? Well, now you have. Your welcome.
Sunlight and water are all they need to survive. Indirect sunlight or even flourescent lighting will work just fine. As for watering, give them a water bath (fully sumberged ) for 20-30 mintues once a week.


( Photo: Sitsitso )
 If you are looking for an easy to care for hanging plant, this is your plant.
A pothos will do really well in indirect light or barely there light, which makes the great for bathrooms or offices. And just like the air plant you don't even have to grow them in soil! They can survive in nothing but water and also survive planted in soil. If they are planted in soil sporatic and forgetful watering is totally fine for these guys.

ZZ Plant ( Zamioculcas zamiifolia )

( Photo: Celsia Florist )
I present to you the most indestructable house plant. If you leave for a month this plant would still be there, living its best life, when you came back.
They do best in moderate indirect light but will survive just fine in low light conditions. As for watering, its honestly probalby a good thing if you forget. They don't require a lot and they commonly die from being OVER watered. If the soil is dry give it some water, or don't, it'll survive anyways because its the best houseplant ever.

I hope you enjoyed this round up for easy to care for plants. I have total faith that you can keep all of these alive and well. So go on and get yourself some greenery!
Save this image below to your pinterst to save this page for reference when you are out shopping for plants!
Kill Proof House Plants
Kill Proof House Plants
Kill Proof House Plants

kill proof house plants
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